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Feb 10

Written by: The Leadership Coach
2/10/2012 11:08 AM  RssIcon

 STOP, START, CONTINUE is a simple way to involve your hotel teams in a review of what they do and the value it adds to creating Great Hotels Guests Love.

The simplest way to put this into practice is to get EVERYONE in the hotel or business unit to come up with their answers to these questions:

1.       What should we STOP doing - one or more activities we can stop doing that will save money without affecting service (There is often one thing that you have thought for ages "Why do we do that: it doesn't add value? We should stop it or do it differently". Ask people to identify that and suggest it)

2.       What should we START doing that we don't do, to cut costs without affecting service OR to improve service at no cost

3.       What should we CONTINUE doing? (What are the things we do that really deliver value to our guests?)

That's a powerful way of focusing people in on your core activities, finding new opportunities and abandoning old ways of behaving that do not add value.

The Leadership Coach*

*Who’s The Coach? He runs the The IHG  Leaders Lounge – a unique leadership development platform for hotels owned or managed by IHG.  And he’s our guest blogger, sharing leadership and business improvement tips here, for use in IHG-branded hotels.  Got a leadership question he might be able to help with? mailto:phil.dourado@ihg.com .  


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