Board room table and chairs

Board of Directors

Our global Board of Directors represents the interests of the Association and our members while simultaneously overseeing our organization’s strategic roadmap. Board members are elected by the membership and include officers of the Association, representatives from each region and an IHG senior executive.

2024 Board of Directors

  • Nellie Dhanji

    Nellie Dhanji

  • Mark Zipperer headshot

    Mark Zipperer

    Chair Elect & AMER Member at Large
  • Euan McGlashan

    Euan McGlashan

    Treasurer & AMER Member at Large
  • Prakash Maggan

    Prakash Maggan

    Secretary & AMER Member at Large
  • Deepesh Kholwadwala

    Deepesh Kholwadwala

    Past Chair Representative
  • Navroz Saju headshot

    Navroz Saju

    Immediate Past Chair Advisor
  • John Muehlbauer headshot

    John Muehlbauer

    IHG Owners Association CEO
  • Jolyon Bulley

    Jolyon Bulley

    IHG Representative
  • Susan Bland headshot

    Susan Bland

    Europe Regional Representative
  • Vijay Patel headshot

    Vijay Patel

    AMER Regional Representative
  • Rodger Powell headshot

    Rodger Powell

    MEAA Regional Representative
  • Juan Carlos Alvarez Headshot

    Juan Carlos Alvarez

    AMER Member at Large
  • Shazma Charania headshot

    Shazma Charania

    AMER Member at Large
  • Sean Lowe headshot

    Sean Lowe

    Europe Member at Large
  • Asad Malik

    Asad Malik

    AMER Member at Large
  • Manish Patel headshot

    Manish Patel

    AMER Member at Large
  • Juan Carlos Rodo

    Juan Carlos Rodo

    AMER Member at Large
  • David Wespiser

    David Wespiser

    AMER Member at Large