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The owner volunteers who lead our Working Groups enable the Association to effectively advocate for our diverse membership. These individuals allow us to serve the many different interests of members across global regions who have widely differing ownership structures and IHG brands.

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Our Competitive Edge

The 2023 Working Group Chairs and Vice Chairs have strong experience in both the intricacies of their respective forums as well as how to drive meaningful change across all stakeholder groups.

These Committee and Task Force leaders, along with their respective Working Group managers, facilitate communication and action, negotiating with IHG on behalf of all members to help grow their businesses, save money, operate more effectively and stay ahead in an extraordinarily competitive industry. Learn more







This team of dedicated IHG Owners Association members most notably reflects our core values. We are honored they have chosen to bring their skill, insight and perspective to the table and that they are committed to furthering our shared vision.

Deepesh Kholwadwala 2018 Chair, IHG Owners Association Immediate Past Chair Advisor