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Working Groups: What Are They?Watch this video to learn more

Working Groups

This is your opportunity to get involved. Unique in the hotel industry, Association Working Groups are responsible for providing advice and counsel to IHG in the development of standards, programs and initiatives that impact every owner and guest.

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Collaboration & Communication

The IHG Owners Association's Working Groups serve as the engine for engagement with IHG. Working Groups—councils, committees and task forces—address critical topics which can impact the value of owners’ IHG hotels.

Working Group volunteers collaborate with leaders at IHG to reach consensus in specific areas such as brand initiatives, sales, technology and procurement.

How Working Groups Work

Working Groups are comprised of hotel owners (led by a Chair and Vice Chair) and IHG executives. Each forum is guided by an Association Working Group Manager. Some Working Groups have global responsibility, while others are focused on region-specific topics. Working Groups include: 

  • Committees—address brands and functional areas that require ongoing, multi-year collaboration
  • Task Forces—focus on specific topics that have more narrowly defined scope and time horizons
  • Councils—function as standing geographical governing bodies for the regions and Global Board of Directors

Each Working Group functions under a charter, generated by both IHG and the Association. The charters typically cover issues related to guest preferences, owner interests and opportunities to create additional value. The charters also include any standards the Working Group will be discussing. Steps in the review process for standards are:

  • Each initiative is presented for evaluation to the relevant Working Group and thoroughly discussed.
  • Once feedback is provided to IHG and the Working Group reaches a consensus, the initiative is presented to the corresponding regional council for formal advice and counsel by the Association.
  • If the initiative is advanced as a standard, IHG includes it in the subsequent standards manual publication.
  • The new standard is communicated to the hotels for implementation through IHG’s normal channels.
Working Groups: How Do They Work?Watch this video to learn more

Join a Working Group

Take action on hospitality issues that you are most passionate about and volunteer for the Association’s Working Groups! Contribute your operational expertise and industry insights to develop business-building strategies that can impact the value of owners’ IHG-branded hotels. So what are you waiting for? Make a difference by joining! Applications for 2020 are now open. Deadline to apply for the U.S. and Canada is September 20, 2019. For Europe's Working Group applications, please contact Carly Hunt at carly.hunt@ihgowners.uk, and for MLAC's, please contact Teresa Sanchez at teresa.sanchez@ihgowners.org. 

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