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The IHG Owners Association's Member Center is a powerful, knowledge-based online platform designed to help members find the timely information and valuable resources they need to drive revenue and reduce costs. 

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The Tools You Need to Succeed

In light of the many COVID-19 related challenges owners have faced since early 2020, the Association has worked diligently throughout the pandemic to increase communications with members, offering timely information and valuable resources to help hoteliers navigate the many challenges of this evolving business landscape. The success of this communication reinforced the value of informational, member-driven tools; not just during the ongoing pandemic, but also moving forward as the industry works toward recovery.

With this in mind, the Association is proud to present the Member Center, an online repository offering a wide range of informative content from industry experts, Association partners and fellow members to help owners drive revenue and grow their businesses.

And one of the Member Center’s key strengths is its dynamic nature, with new articles, topics and resources being added regularly. If you have any ideas for content or cannot find something you think could be relevant to members, let us know through the Member Center’s “Contact Us” link.

Getting Started

New to the Member Center? Watch this short video overview to familiarize yourself with the platform’s main features.

For easy access, your login information is the same as your existing member account login. If you do not have your credentials or are having issues accessing the site, please reach out to the Association’s Member Center Manager, Tiffany Hall, at tiffany.hall@ihgowners.org for help.

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