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Access the IHG Owners Association Healthcare Program, providing members with nationwide healthcare and benefits options to help you cut costs and further support your staffing efforts.

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Save on Healthcare Costs and Empower Your Recruitment

The IHG Owners Association Healthcare Program, the Association’s latest powerful member benefit, gives members access to coverage and benefits options to help save on costs while providing hotel employees with low- and no-cost health services. Developed with support from Allied Member Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group and powered by Decisely, the IHG Owners Association Healthcare Program leverages the buying power of the Association’s large membership base, creating volume that translates directly to lower premiums and better quality plans. This exclusive plan is offered through your choice of several major networks, providing employees nationwide access to trusted health services.

Whether your company already offers benefits to employees or doesn’t offer any options yet, you won’t want to miss out on the savings and high-quality plans offered by the IHG Owners Association Healthcare Program. Interested in participating? Click the link below to submit a brief form to Decisely expressing your interest in taking advantage of this member benefit. This form creates no obligation or commitment—it is simply a way for Decisely to gauge overall member interest and strengthen their negotiating power with healthcare networks.

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About Decisely

A leader in the healthcare and benefits space, Decisely has helped many franchisees find cost-saving employee benefits across an array of industries and well-known brands, with past customers including Arby’s, KFC, the Home Furnishings Association and more. Through data-drive solutions, technology and support, Decisely helps ensure that “no employee is left behind.”

Want to learn more? Check out the video below to find out how the IHG Owners Association Healthcare Program can help you save. Additionally, visit Decisely’s page on the Association's Member Center to explore how they offer their support in creating powerful healthcare solutions. 

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