View of the U.S. Capitol building around sunset

Legislative Action

As hotel owners, we have the opportunity and responsibility to educate ourselves and our colleagues about legislation and policies that affect our industry—and to take action whenever possible.

Awareness & Action

Every year new governmental policies and regulations are implemented that impact the way hoteliers do business. The IHG Owners Association is committed to having your interests represented in these important policy decisions by making certain elected officials understand the contributions of the hospitality industry as well as the nuances of the lodging business.

We do this by staying actively involved in industry affairs, coordinating with IHG to monitor legislative activity and keeping our members abreast of issues that can affect our business. 

As a member of the hotel industry, you play an important role in protecting and promoting your region’s economy. Keeping aware of legislative issues amplifies your political voice so you can support policies that facilitate a fair business environment, allowing the lodging industry to create jobs and grow the economy.

Get Involved

Please lend your support and help impact your region's public affairs activity. If you have hotels in the U.S., visit the AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging Association) website for information, resources and ways to participate.